SPRI Among one of 20 universities included in U-Multirank for Iran, 2019

Research Institute of Shakhes Pajouh has been established in 2001, by creating Seismic Research Group with the permission of the Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Continuing activities of this research group developed it to a research center to be titled as the first research center from the private sector of Iran in the field of Crisis Management. Proudly, the research center upgraded to the “Research Institute of Shakhes Pajouh” in accordance with the approved regulations and definitive - official licenses of Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

SPRI educational focuses are as follows:

Encouragement of a questioning spirit;
Quality and depth of provision across all subjects;
Close inter-relationship between teaching and research;
An extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups;
Strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups;
Education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

SPRI’s Vision is to provide transformative educational experiences that nurture intellectual curiosity, promote global understanding, encourage ethical living and prepare individuals for purposeful and fulfilling lives.

SPRI aspires to be the exemplary comprehensive research institute for the 21st century. Faculty, staff and students thrive at SPRI because of its unparalleled combination of quality and breadth; its open, collaborative and innovative culture; its founding commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute's Ranking

We have the pleasure to announce that in accordance with the new ranking report of U-Multirank, Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute is one of best 20 universities in Iran. Its overall profile shows top performance across various indicators, with 4 ‘A’ (very good) scores overall.

About U-Multirank

U-Multirank is a multidimensional, user-driven approach to international ranking of higher education institutions. It compares the performances of higher education institutions, in short universities, in the five dimensions of university activities: 1. teaching and learning, 2. research, 3. knowledge transfer, 4. international orientation and 5. regional engagement. The U-Multirank web tool enables comparisons at the level of the university as a whole and at the level of specific study programs. Based on empirical data, U-Multirank compares institutions with similar institutional profiles (‘like-with-like’) and allows users to develop their own personalized rankings by selecting indicators in terms of their own preferences.

U-Multirank is an independent ranking prepared with seed funding from the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program. The work of the U-Multirank consortium is overseen by an Advisory Board.

SPRI’s Commitments

We as a member of Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute will endeavor to create a spirit of integrity and honor for its own sake at SPRI.

We pledge truthfulness and absolute honesty in the performance of all academic work. We pledge to be truthful at all times, to treat others with respect, to respect the property of others and to adhere to institute policies.

Future Proof is one of our most important commitments. SPRI is strongly committed to growth and expansion of knowledge research and  common welfare.

We are looking forward to having more prosperous and positive collaboration with our partners around the world.


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