The 10th exhibition of Kish Invex was held

The 10th Exhibition of Investment Opportunities of the Country and the 5th Bourse, Bank, Insurance and Privatization Exhibition in Kish Island (Kish Invex) was held with the participation of Free Zone Companies.
According to the report of 60 Daghigheh News, Mohammad Reza Saeidi the Economic Deputy of Kish Free Zone Organization said: 360 domestic and foreign participants were present at the exhibitions and 51 foreign diplomats were invited to attend these two major economic events. 100 Iranian and 21 foreign speakers delivered a speech at specialized conferences and panels.
The economic deputy of Kish Free Zone Organization, referring to some people's efforts to show the unfavorable economic situation in the country, said: The holding of these exhibitions and the presence of economic activists in different fields indicates that the economic activities are dynamic in this country. Morteza Bank, Rohani advisor on free zone affairs, also was present at exhibition of Kish Invex. Visiting the Kish Invex exhibition as well as visiting the accelerator pavilion of SPRI, in an interview with the reporter of 60 Daghigheh said: The presence of the free zones of the country and their welcome to the exhibition is very significant, reflecting the country's dynamic economic, especially in the free zones.
Referring to the presence of active companies, including Shakhes Pajouh Tadbir Iranian, he expressed his satisfaction and said: the private sector could take positive and effective steps in the process of economic development of the country.
On the fourth day of this exhibition and in the series of related events of this exhibition, Dr. Amir Mahmudzadeh, the head of Entrepreneurship Center of SPRI and the head of Iranian Association of Spatial Planning, presented a lecture on the presentation and introduction of investment opportunities in Hendurabi Island, which was welcomed and appreciated by the audience.


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