Strategic Planning

Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute

Established since 2001, SHAKHES PAJOUH Research Institute is the first innovative, research-oriented,  and pioneer research institute of the private sector in Iran, which provides educational and research services to  leading experts in science, technology and innovation at national, regional and international  levels.

Our Vision

To be nationally and internationally recognized as one of the top research institutes.

Our Mission

To create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge through research and creative inquiry,   teaching,  and learning at the highest level of excellence.

Main Strengths

  • SHAKHES PAJOUH Research Center of management is the first management research center in Iran, which admits students simultaneously for the research-oriented Master and Ph.D program in Futures Studies
  • Offering students the research-oriented Ph.D program in Entrepreneurship
  • Offering the first research-oriented Ph.D program in Crisis Management in Iran
  • Offering specialized consulting and management services to businessmen
  • The Research Center of Management does conduct a wide range of activities to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and futures studies in Iran, of which are the Winter School of Futures Studies and Entrepreneurship, and related educational workshops at national and international levels
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