Field of activities

  • Publication of two scientific and research journals of “Spatial Planning  ”, and “Risk Management”
  • Admission of research-oriented PhD., students in three major fields of “Civil Engineering”, “Geography”, and “Management” by permission of Ministry of Science Research, and Technology
  • Authorized for performing in-training courses for public sector staffs concerning “Risk Management  from the Ministry of Science Research, and Technology
  • Printing and publishing more than 25 volumes of professional books in Persian and English languages
  • Signing scientific research memorandums of cooperation with national and international universities
  • Preparation of professional instructions and criteria concerning “Risk Management”,  , and “Modern Technologies” for organizations and administrations
  • Designing professional equipments and machineries for country’s requirements in building industry, like the first device of shearing mortars in masonry buildings for the purpose of testing and their retrofit
  • Establishment of “Spatial Planning Society of Iran”
  • Holding six national and international conferences in Iran
  • Printing and publishing more than 40 articles in authorized journals and national and international conferences
  • Performing more than 30 research plans in steel, transportation, oil and gas industries, as well as regional and urban planning
  • Designing and preparing “Applied Models of Crisis Management”
  • Preparation and development of rapid seismic assessment of building formula
  • Performance of more than 30000 person-per-hour professional training courses
  • Holding more than 200 training workshops in the fields of “Crisis Management”  all across the country
  • Active participation at international professional exhibitions and conferences
  • Having active scientific, training, and consultative contracts with various administrations and organizations
  • Supporting more than 100 different research plans, theses, and dissertation


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